Inspiration from Genuary2021

Three loops plot circles. First loop centres circles on the canvas. Second and third loops centre circles on the perimeter of the circles from the previous loop.
0102 Rule 30
1D cell automation with Wolfram's Rule 30 - not recommended if you are photo-sensitive
0103 Make something human
A radial flowfield generates the iris muscles of an eye
0104 Small areas of symmetry
Simple square shapes have symmetry and asymmetry
0105 Code golf
Moire interference and Perlin noise create the effect of black satin
The code fits in a tweet and is tagged with '#つぶやきProcessing' = Tweet Processing
0106 Triangle subdivision
Triangles are recursively divided. Movement is controlled by Perlin noise.
0109 Interference
Moiré interference with three lined grids of red, green and blue
0110 // TREE
Recusive fractal tree
0130 Sound, flocking, and none-shall-touch
Interactive sliders control degree of alignment, cohesion and separation